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  • Searchable sequence archive facilitates patient follow-up and clinical studies
  • Automated cumulative resistance reporting and mutation history
  • Easy analysis of multiple viral genes in an integrated suite

Continuing challenges in HIV

Multi-drug resistance, therapy failures, and the need to select combination treatments that consider resistance, efficacy, and tolerability are current challenges in HIV medicine. SmartGene HIV provides an advanced, all-in-one, Web service platform to manage and assess complex viral genetic data with speed and efficiency.

HIV assessment and lab workflow

SmartGene HIV provides up-to-date, online interpretation for HIV genotyping and analysis of resistance patterns. The service supports multiple targets (for example, protease, RT, integrase, gp41, gp120 (v3), and gag), and uses the latest versions of various interpretive algorithms. Integrated and automated functions support rapid and reliable editing of chromatograms, automatic determination of mutations, and identification of HIV drug resistance patterns. V3 loop sequences are easily mapped and extracted for tropism analysis.

Each sample’s nucleotide sequences, associated information, and results are archived together, facilitating easy, multi-parameter searches. SmartGene HIV also provides retrospective comparisons of results, reinterpretation with current algorithms, ad-hoc and automated cumulative reporting, a query tool for specialized mutation searches and generating statistics, plus secure networking.

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