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Managing genomics in medicine

Simply managing complex data & delivering the promise of genomics

Gene sequencing enables the detection and characterization of human and animal diseases and environmental pathogens as never before. Analysis of gene sequences, historically restricted to research settings, is increasingly a standard approach in human and veterinary medicine. Sequencing has great potential to detect genetic patterns which diagnose disease accurately, to characterize microorganisms, and to infer drug susceptibility or resistance. This approach is particularly valuable when the gene or organism being characterized can display unknown genetic variability.

Progress is being made to refine sequencing techniques. However, broad implementation into routine practice requires tools to cope with the rapidly increasing data burden. Solutions must be easy-to-use, configured for the purpose of the analysis, and kept up-to-date to reflect the evolving science. SmartGene's Service Modules meet all of these needs.

SmartGene IDNS HIV, HCV, Bacteria, Fungi, and HLA Modules are CE-IVD labeled, according to the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) directive 98/79/EC.

The permanent value of sequence data

Once sequence data are created in the laboratory, they have permanent value. So, they should be stored in a manner which supports easy reinterpretation with updated scientific knowledge. Sequence data stored in SmartGene are secure and available for future analysis and reinterpretation, both with updated algorithms and constantly refreshed reference databases.

DNA will never go out of date. So, it's important to note that all of SmartGene's modules allow customers to derive long-term benefits from today's sequencing activity, independent of the particular laboratory sequencing platforms. Laboratory hardware will be replaced over time, but the sequence data secured within SmartGene will always be valuable, accessible, and of permanent significance.

Benefits of SmartGene's services

SmartGene's integrated services help customers achieve accurate results with an efficient analytical process, shortening turnaround time and aiding productivity.

  • Work with greater confidence of accuracy in sequence interpretation
  • Reduce the time it takes to get results
  • Maximize the productivity of laboratory staff
  • Enjoy the simplicity of an application service which provides automated maintenance, updates, and secure data storage
  • Collaborate securely on multicenter projects
  • Rely on a service which is independent of sequencing hardware