A new dimension in fungal identification


  • Accurate identification of fungi
  • Frequently updated references for best results
  • Efficiencies through an integrated workflow

The trouble with fungi

Due to their high variability and slow growth in culture, identifying pathogenic fungi is a challenge, even to scientists with extensive expertise. Today, sequencing of fungal genes for genus and species identification has become a widely accepted technique and complements conventional methods. Analyzing large amounts of sequence data, however, is a challenge for the staff in a routine microbiology laboratory, and often represents a serious bottleneck. Mycology laboratories thus benefit from SmartGene Fungi, the tool for fungal sequence data management and interpretation.

The SmartGene solution

Identification of a sample sequence is achieved by comparing it against SmartGene's constantly updated reference databases of multiple targets (ITS, 25-28S (D1/D2) and 18S).

By virtue of using SmartGene Fungi, the laboratory builds for its own benefit a fully searchable archive of all samples sequenced, which significantly reinforces the lab's expertise in fungal identification for the long term.

SmartGene Fungi is an elegant, comprehensive solution for those laboratories wishing to implement the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) Guideline MM18A: "Interpretive Criteria for Identification of Bacteria and Fungi by DNA Target Sequencing" 2nd Edition (2018).

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