• Accurate identification of bacteria to the species level, where possible
  • Searchable archive and reference microbiome data sets for longitudinal analysis and case comparisons
  • Configurable, context-specific, and disease-specific sequence interpretations
  • Easy-to-use, point-and-click workflow from raw data to tabular and graphical output
  • Web-based, secure, sequence data management and interpretation solution requiring no investment in local IT

Modern sequencing technologies enable the study of complex microbial communities as never before. High resolution gut, skin, mucosal, and oral microbiome analyses are recognized as important biomarkers for monitoring various diseases, lifestyle effects, and for guiding treatment decisions. Today, next generation 16S gene sequencing is the gold standard to study microbial diversity, but accurate analysis of the data requires profound expertise and specific IT solutions.

Table and Krona V4

The SmartGene 16S Microbiome Pipeline, incorporating the proprietary SmartGene 16S Centroid reference database, produces more specific and precise results for an improved, granular understanding of the microbiota and its role in patient health and disease. Output of the analysis is provided in tabular and graphic formats, such as Krona, stack bar graphs and heat maps, to elucidate the relative abundance of multiple organisms in a sample, be that from a patient, animal, environmental, or manufacturing source. The pipeline provides reporting with the most granularity possible to recognize, discriminate, and assess individual species and groupings in a quantitative and reproducible manner. Principal component analysis plots are available to visualize the beta diversity of a sample in comparison to reference groups of microbiomes

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