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  1. What are cookies?

    • Cookies are tiny files that are downloaded from the SmartGene servers to your computer to ensure the proper functioning of our services. This page describes which information the cookies gather, how SmartGene uses them, and why SmartGene needs to store these cookies for the duration of your work session. If you refuse to use SmartGene cookies, this will compromise your use of our services. For more general information on cookies, see the Wikipedia article on HTTP cookies.

  2. How does SmartGene use cookies?

    • SmartGene uses cookies to store user session ID’s and preferences. These cookies help to manage the user session and do not remain on your computer for more than 24 hours; in fact, session ID cookies are deleted whenever the user closes the web browser. SmartGene does not apply cookies for tracking of users nor for marketing purposes.

  3. Managing cookies

    • Be aware that disabling cookies will compromise the functionality of the SmartGene services. In general, it is recommended to configure your browser so that cookies are erased after each session (see the "More information" section below).

  4. More information

    • If you are interested in knowing more about how to manage your cookies, you can visit
    • Please contact the SmartGene support team if you have questions.