In the late 1990's, SmartGene's founders saw that realizing the promise of routine genetic analysis would require comprehensive, data management solutions to turn sequence data reliably and reproducibly into meaningful results.

Consequently, SmartGene was founded to develop, market, and support application-specific solutions for the analysis and management of complex genetic data.

SmartGene has its worldwide headquarters in Switzerland. SmartGene's North American operations opened in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina in 2006.

SmartGene’s proprietary technology, the Integrated Database Network System (IDNS) combines Web and database capabilities with advanced bioinformatics and relevant genetic content in application-specific suites.

Currently available modules from SmartGene support both Sanger and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and include identification of bacteria and fungi; genotyping and drug resistance assessment for HIVHCV, and influenza; 16S Microbiome analysis; multilocus sequence typing (MLST) for epidemiology of viruses and bacteria; HLA typing, and certain genetically coded diseases. Since the platform and layout of all modules are similar, users can easily switch between applications with minimal additional training.

Customers of SmartGene include diagnostic centers, clinical reference labs, academic medical centers, public health laboratories, S&P 500 companies, research centers, and national networks of sites collaborating securely online.

SmartGene's commitment is to provide first-class service to a rapidly growing community of scientists. We strive to keep our users in step with evolving science, to enhance the accuracy of genetic interpretation, and reliability of results.