Phylogenetic analysis of the Belgian HIV-1 epidemic reveals that local transmission is almost exclusively driven by men having sex with men despite presence of large African migrant communities

C. Verhofstede, K. Dauwe, K. Fransen, K. Van Laethem, S. Van den Winjngaert, J. Ruelle, M. Delforge, E. Vancutsem, D. Vaira, K. Stoffels, SG Ribas, G. Dessilly, L. Debaisieux, D. Pierard, M. Van Ranst, M. Hayette, J. Deblonde, A. Sasse, D. Van Beckhoven, V. Mortier. Elsevier: Infection, Genetics and Evolution 61(2018) 36-44, 4 March 2018. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Citation: "...Collection of sequence data was facilitated by the use of a network database (Integrated Database Network System, Smartgene, Zug, Switzerland). ..."