Molecular Epidemiology Reveals Long-Term Changes in HIV Type 1 Subtype B Transmission in Switzerland

RD Kouyos, V. von Wyl, S. Yerly, J. Böni, P. Taffé, C. Shah, P. Bürgisser, T. Klimkait, R. Weber, B. Hirschel, M. Cavassini, H. Furrer, M. Battegay, PL Vernazza, E. Bernasconi, M. Rickenbach, B. Ledergerber, S. Bonhoeffer, HF Günthard, and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study.Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2010:201, p. 1488-97. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Citation: … “The SHCS drug resistance database contains all HIV resistance tests performed by the 4 laboratories engaged in HIV resistance testing in Switzerland and stored in a central database developed and hosted by SmartGene … an impeccable database service. ...”